Jewelry OEM

Design provided by you: You can provide the design and specifications of the jewelry you want to produce, and we will be responsible for the production.
Manufacturing Focus: The role of a jewelry OEM is to manufacture jewelry based on the designs you provide. And you and your company retain control over product design, branding and marketing.
Quality and Standards Compliance: Ringsmaker is responsible for ensuring that production meets the customer’s quality standards and any regulatory compliance needs.
Customization: Ringsmaker jewelry OEM is often selected for highly customized or unique jewelry designs that require specific manufacturing processes or materials.
Customer’s Brand: The final product is branded and marketed under your brand name.

Jewelry ODM

Designs provided by Ringsmaker: In ODM, Ringsmaker not only provides jewelry design services but also includes production tasks.
End-to-end services: ODM provides a complete service package, from design and prototyping to jewelry manufacturing.
Customer Input: You may have input into the design, or you may choose from a range of pre-designed options provided by the manufacturer.
Faster market entry: Because the design is already available, ODM can enter the market faster than developing a new design from scratch.
Brand Choice: You can choose to sell these products under your own brand name or use the manufacturer’s brand.

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Our R & D Capabilities

1. Design innovation
Creative Team: We employ a team of skilled designers who understand the current trends in jewelry, innovative design techniques. Ringsmaker is constantly studying market trends and grasping consumer preferences and style trends.
2. Material research
Material exploration: We have been trying different metal raw materials and gemstones to find and innovate more friendly and sustainable materials. Supervise all materials for quality and durability.
3. Manufacturing technology
Advanced equipment: A large part of our funds are invested in the most advanced manufacturing technology, pursuing high production accuracy and efficiency. and developing new manufacturing techniques to create more complex designs.


3D Modeling: CAD software enables Ringsmaker designers to create three-dimensional models of jewelry. Visualize the final product before it is manufactured.
Accuracy: CAD designs offer high precision, ensuring every aspect of your jewelry is accurately represented, from size to stone setting.
Customization: CAD technology makes it easier to implement custom jewelry designs, including adjustments to size, shape, and stone placement.
Design Complexity: CAD can create complex and complex designs that would be difficult to produce by hand.
Efficiency and speed: The design process is faster and more efficient because CAD models can be easily modified without starting from scratch.
Prototyping: Combined with 3D printing, CAD can quickly create accurate prototypes, facilitating a smoother design approval process.

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Design Styles and Cases

Ringsmaker has successfully delivered more than two thousand design solutions, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and men’s wedding rings. Whether it is reinventing classics or creating new fashions, Ringsmaker is always professional.

Case01:Turquoise Wood Inlay Men’s Tungsten Wedding Ring

This men’s wedding ring with tungsten metal as the main body, antler turquoise and wood as the carrier is one of our works, showing the harmony of nature, each plant, one tree, one world. It has been highly praised by customers and has a high sales volume.

Case02:Pear Cut Bridal Wedding Ring

We continued the pear-shaped cut of the classic wedding ring, but innovated with many small side stones surrounding the main stone. The finishing touch was to add an eternity ring, which added a new and beautiful meaning to the wedding ring.

Case03:Men’s Diamond Titanium Engagement Ring

We have chosen a new material for this men’s engagement ring: titanium. It is a ring for workers. It is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and not easy to lose its luster. The symmetrical design of the gemstone inlay allows the luster to be released more perfectly.


Most of our jewelry production is mass-produced by automatic machinery, but some of the more complex and wedding rings (set with gemstones) need to be completed manually. Mechanization has replaced the production of most ring parts. The quality is controllable and high-efficiency. Mainly The final step was completed manually, and quality screening was strengthened to achieve a defective rate of one in 10,000.

Full Capacity in Our factory Manufacturing Plant


 Instock styles

As of 2023/11, the total number of styles in stock in our warehouse is 3196, all of which are in stock in full sizes, and this number is still growing.


Monthly production volume

Relying on our own supply chain and mechanized production advantages, our monthly output has increased from 90,000 pieces per month four years ago to 200,000 pieces per month this year! The average annual output is increased by 27,500 pieces/month. We plan to invest more funds in mechanical automation production next year, and the output efficiency will be greatly improved.


Average daily order volume

From our Alibaba International Station and Ringsmaker, the daily order volume exceeds 1,000 orders. Our minimum order quantity is 3 pieces and free shipping for orders over 100 pieces. You don’t need to worry about tight inventory or size shortages. The automated backend will automatically add replenishment stock. , ensuring that there will be no broken code or zero inventory.

Warehousing and Shipping Quality Inspection Process

#1 Quality Inspection, Packaging

The automated conveyor belt checks the weight of each product, and a final manual inspection is performed for defects. Qualified products will pass through the conveyor belt and go through the next packaging process.

#2 DIY Packaging

Since we have many types of orders, including multiple brands and customized orders, the LOGO and brand style are different. We will carry out corresponding packaging processing for different customers. For large orders, we will stack and divide the packaging to avoid problems during transportation.

#3 Arrange and shipt

This is the last inspection process. The information of each customer is checked and matched with the package. After completion, the machine automatically prints the transportation information on the package. At this time, the package is in the state of being shipped and waiting for the courier company to pick up the package.

After-Sales Service

Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product

We want you, our valued customer, to feel completely confident with your purchase and know that your satisfaction is always our top priority.

1. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, we accept returns and refunds. Please note that your order is shipped from China, so you may be responsible for return shipping costs from your country to China, as well as customs clearance fees.
2. If the item is damaged when you receive it, we will refund the full amount or resend it.
3. If the quantity is less than the quantity you ordered, we will re-ship or refund the product and shipping fee you paid.
4. If the package is lost or you don’t receive it after a while, we will refund or resend it.
5.Easy returns and exchanges within 30 days

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