Determining Moissanite’s True Value: More Than Just Bling

Moissanite dazzles as a lab-created diamond alternative, but questions arise on how it compares cost-wise. Does manufactured origin diminish moissanite’s worth? Can this scientific sparkler accrue value like rare gems?

Understanding what establishes any stone’s value helps recognize that while moissanite falls affordable, its brilliance appreciates beyond price tags. Let’s examine what makes this optical wonder a worthwhile investment.

Moissanite Value Factors

Like diamonds, several characteristics influence moissanite’s market price:

As size increases, so does monetary value. Larger stones cost exponentially more from scarcity.

The fewer visual blemishes internally or on the surface, the higher the grade and worth.

Completely colorless scores best. Faint yellow/green hues lower cost.

Well-angled facets optimize sparkle and value. Cuts also fall in and out of fashion.

Chips, cracks, or scratches can diminish resell prices. Durability and care affect this over time.

So moissanite gets appraised like diamond counterparts. Top color, clarity, cuts, and carat weights fetch higher prices. But what about comparing moissanite’s inherent value to other precious gems?

Moissanite Value Compared to Diamonds

Moissanite loses some monetary ground against the diamond standard. Let’s examine why diamonds carry higher intrinsic values.


Naturally scarce diamonds command higher prices. Moissanite’s lab sourcing allows for more abundant gemstone supplies.


Centuries-long traditions establishing diamonds as the ultimate gem make them coveted heirlooms. Moissanite lacks this pedigree as a newcomer.

Resale Value

Illiquid diamonds better retain investment value long-term. As fads shift, moissanite users may lose some resale value.

Social Status

Diamonds got expertly marketed as aspirational lifestyle symbols. Moissanite ranks lower regarding brand prestige.

However, don’t write off this new-kid-on-the-block sparkler yet! While moissanite loses to diamonds monetarily, let’s weigh additional value beyond money…

Moissanite’s Worth Beyond Economics

The problem with directly comparing moissanite against diamonds lies in limiting evaluations strictly to finance or social status. This neglects moissanite’s best assets – its world-bettering ethics and optical radiance exceeding diamonds.

Let’s assess moissanite’s compelling value-adds:


Eco-friendly manufacturing helps offset dirty diamond mining’s environmental harms. This benefits more than just buyers’ consciences.


Conflict-free moissanite bypasses diamond trade injustices to better protect vulnerable mining workers overseas.


With advanced optics no diamond can replicate, moissanite delivers captivating beauty benefitting anyone gazing upon it.


Budget-friendly moissanite grants dazzling stones to wider demographics who get priced out of diamond ownership. Broader access creates equity.

So rather than limiting comparisons to dollar figures alone, incorporating humanitarian and optical returns reveals diamonds cannot outshine moissanite overall.

In many ways, scientist-made moissanite exceeds diamonds representing what gems can offer through technological innovation rather than constrained reliance solely on geological rarity.

Moissanite Value Scores High Among Many Metrics

The real worth of moissanite lies less in its measurable price sheet against diamonds, and more in its immeasurable potential to transform jewelry norms for good.

This unique gemstone prevailed where diamonds failed to deliver:

��� Price – Attainable luxury
���Science – Optical perfection
��� Ethics – Furthering justice
��� Meaning – Empowering wearers

So while moissanite loses some financial ground to diamond juggernauts, its contributions across other societal areas gain significant ground. And in the COURT of public opinion, moissanite delivers value where it counts most.

At the end of the day, a gem’s ultimate value reflects how it improves life for all. Innovative moissanite outperforms outdated diamonds by this overarching measure to sparkle as the more worthwhile jewel overall.

The True Value Rests in “Who” Moissanite Serves

The real takeaway – moissanite’s appealing blend of conscience and sparkle makes beautiful gems financially and ethically attainable to MORE people.

Democratizing dazzling stones for engagement rings once restricted to society’s privileged few catalyzes tremendous added value. By unleashing luminosity across wider socioeconomic channels, moissanite equalizes access to life’s cherished moments.

And THAT’S what ideally gets celebrated. While no gemstone yet replaces diamond domination, moissanites make meaningful strides in serving populations overlooked by luxury legacies.

So the ultimate rubric for evaluating moissanite’s importance lies in who it empowers. By that measure, moissanite evolves into priceless.


1. Is moissanite as valuable as a diamond?

No, moissanite is not as financially valuable as a natural diamond in terms of pricing and resale value. Diamonds are associated with higher monetary worth due to successful marketing campaigns and longevity as heirsloom gems. However, moissanite delivers significant value regarding optical performance and ethics.

2. Does moissanite appreciate or depreciate over time?

Moissanite may depreciate slowly over decades as consumer preferences shift. However, reputable retailers assure lifetime buyback policies at 70-80% initial purchase prices. This minimizes long-term depreciation worries. And with proper care, moissanite sparkles beautifully for lifetime enjoyment retaining sentimental value.

3. What factors lower moissanite’s price?

Lower color, clarity, cuts or carat sizes reduce moissanite pricing like any gemstone. Chips, cracks or scratches severely diminish resale value. Additionally, as lab-growing technologies progress streamlining manufacturing, costs may also come down over generations.

4. Should I insure my moissanite jewelry like diamonds?

Insuring high-value moissanite jewelry protects against damage, loss or theft. Unlike diamonds holding steadier appraisals over time, moissanite insurance valuations may gradually decline. Consider this when selecting policy types and coverage levels. Overall insuring moissanite grants peace of mind.

5. Does moissanite investing appreciates like diamonds?

No, moissanite should not get purchased as investment assets expecting substantial appreciation over decades like diamond alternatives. While innovating manufacturing techniques may initially boost values, eventual moissanite oversaturation will likely stabilize longer-term prices. Their affordable attainability minimizes speculation potential.

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