Does Moissanite Get Cloudy Over Time? Separating Fact from Fiction

Moissanite dazzles as a diamond alternative with its optical brilliance and durability. But an important question arises – will that awe-inspiring radiance last? Can moissanite lose its clarity becoming cloudy over years of wear?

The good news is moissanite’s inherent material stability means it stays sparkling clear with proper care. By understanding what causes cloudiness and learning sparkle preservation tips, moissanite can keep brightening special moments with its crystalline perfection.

What Exactly Causes Gemstone Cloudiness Anyway?

Before examining moissanite’s clarity resilience specifically, let’s review what makes any gemstone lose its see-through lustre turning opaque and cloudy in the first place.

Dirt and Oil Buildup

Most gemstone cloudiness comes down to physics – light no longer passes cleanly through because tiny particles have accumulated, blocking and diffusing light.

Dust in the air constantly settles on jewelry. Lotions, soaps, and natural skin oils also leave microscopic residues. As these external particles build up, they can dull and dim even optically pure gems. But regular cleaning removes these light-blocking offenders.

Surface Scratches

The other enemy of gemstone clarity is scratches. As jewelry gets exposed to accidental knocks and abrasive surfaces in daily life, microscopic scuffs scatter incoming light. While a single scratch proves nearly invisible, thousands of tiny scrapes build a hazy layer that starts dulling overall brilliance and apparent clarity.

Internal Inclusions

With naturally formed gems like diamonds, internal impurities also commonly interfere with light transmission. These innate mineral deposits appear as dark flecks through the stone. While moissanite sidesteps this issue by getting engineered rather than sourced from a mine, inclusions impact many fine gems.

Now let’s examine why moissanite’s innate durability makes it less prone to the usual clarity robbers plaguing other gemstone options.

Why Moissanite Resists Losing Its Lustre and Clarity

The makeup of moissanite makes it less likely to accumulate cloud-causing grime or get scratched losing its see-through sparkle compared to most gem choices. Here’s why:

  1. Extremely Hard and Durable

Moissanite earns a 9-9.5 on the Mohs Scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones behind only diamonds. This extreme scratch resistance prevents hazy layers of micro-abrasions from accumulating through everyday wear. Essentially no metals or gems can leave a mark.

  1. Naturally Repels Oils and Dirt

Moissanite also exhibits an electrostatic charge. This causes it to repel common clarity villains like dirt, dust and oils floating around in the environment. They get pushed away before they permanently adhere and cloud moissanite’s brilliance.

  1. Inclusion-Free Internal Structure

Since moissanite gets engineered in a lab instead of sourced from imperfect mother nature, manufacturers can optimize its internal structure. The result proves optically pure containing zero light-diffusing imperfections. This clarity cannot be replicated in natural gemstone formations where randomness reigns.

  1. Extreme Temperature Resistance

Moissanite endures over 2,000°F before damage occurs. This means hot water and high-heat activities like cooking pose zero threat to moissanite jewelry’s clarity and shine. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires cannot claim the same thermal resilience.

  1. Tough Crystal Lattice

While lacking a diamond’s single crystalline durability, moissanite still boasts impressive toughness. Its interconnected particles move in unison to prevent cracks or fissures compromising structural integrity. So damage from sharp impacts or pressure proves rare for such a hard material.

With these innate clarity protection advantages, moissanite already withstands common environmental and lifestyle clarity enemies. But a few preventative measures further aid long-term sparkle.

5 Moissanite Clarity Care Tips

  • Clean moissanite jewelry frequently using warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush. This removes any oils, dirt, or grime before permanent buildup or residue occurs.
  • Use cleaning solutions specifically formulated for moissanite instead of harsh chemicals or abrasives that could microscopically scar the surface.
  • Apply lotions, perfumes, and hair products BEFORE putting on moissanite jewelry to limit residue exposure.
  • Store moissanite properly in soft fabric-lined boxes away from other gems that could scratch if rubbed together.
  • Take moissanite jewelry off for messy, grimy tasks then clean it afterwards to preserve its brilliance.

While moissanite already resists environmental clarity threats, taking some basic precautions gives its brilliance the best chance to sparkle cleanly for years.

How Does Moissanite Clarity Compare to Other Gemstones?

Moissanite is not the only gemstone option that retains excellent clarity decades down the road. How do its light transmission and sparkle stack up next to popular alternatives?

  • Diamonds– As the world’s hardest substance, diamonds resolvedly resist scratching or oil buildup. Inclusions remain the main threat to a diamond’s clarity. Their natural origins under intense heat and pressure make flaws somewhat inevitable.
  • Cubic Zirconia– While softer than diamonds and moissanite, CZ’s flawless lab engineering and scratch resistance help it stay transparent with care. Low-quality CZ may degrade over time.
  • White sapphire– Resilient against scratching and daily wear threats, white sapphires transmit light cleanly thanks to their typically inclusion-free clarity when sourced from ethical labs instead of mines.
  • Crystal quartz– As a relatively soft semiprecious gemstone, quartz clarity depends greatly on proper setting protection and care. Without diligence, microscopic abrasions accumulate compromising light transmission.

While no gemstone surpasses a diamond’s optical perfection, moissanite comes remarkably close at a fraction of the price. And with more durable and dirt-resistant properties than many competitors, moissanite edges out overall in terms of maintaining pristine clarity safely into the future.

Should I Still Worry About Moissanite Clouding?

While isolated complaints circulate about moissanite going cloudy prematurely, this largely links back to low-quality moissanite lacking the material purity standards and facet precision to optimally transmit light.

Reputable moissanite jewelers cut gems from dense, reliable bases containing no carbing agents. Customers also commonly mistake cloudiness from normal grime buildup as a more concerning permanent eclipse of moissanite’s clarity rather than a fixable cleaning issue.

Between moissanite’s innate resistance to clarity threats, and taking basic care and cleaning measures, moissanite stays optically sound. When sourced through trustworthy providers, customers find it retaining diamond-like clarity exceeding expectations over decades.

So buyers can rest assured – durable moissanite engineered by reputable jewelers stays sparkling and clear to matching fine diamonds, especially with the right moissanite care. This makes both moissanite’s affordability and brilliance sustainable to become heirlooms.

Moissanite Clarity Stands the Test of Time

While any gemstone material interacting with a harsh world risks potential damage, moissanite was engineered for optimal strength. Its hardness and grime resistance give it an advantage keeping sparkly clarity intact.

Combined with taking basic care and cleaning steps, moissanite remains one of the more optically bulletproof and affordable gemstone choices available. When sourced from quality providers, moissanite achieves exceptional brilliance built to last thanks to light optimized construction and resilience.

So rather than worry about losing luster, customers can confidently adorn themselves with dazzling moissanite. Its brilliant light transmission stands the test of time to embody life’s precious moments for generations to come thanks to enduring optic purity.

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