Does Moissanite Pass Diamond Tester?

As an exquisite, ethically sourced alternative to diamond, Moissanite is skyrocketing in popularity for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. Given its visual likeness to diamond, a question often arises is whether Moissanite can dupe familiar diamond testers.


While standard thermal conductivity testers may get fooled, advanced electrical, visual, and multi-test identification techniques can conclusively distinguish Moissanite from diamond.

How Diamond Testers Work

Diamond testers assess stones based on heat and electrical conductivity patterns that are unique fingerprints helping to identify them.


Thermal conductivity testers operate by gauging how quickly heat travels from a probe tip into the gemstone sample. Natural diamonds stand out for their exceptional rate of heat transfer. These thermal tester pens chart the conductivity readings on a scale indicating whether it is diamond.


Alternatively, electrical conductivity analyzers send a small electrical charge into the stone and gauge its resistance. Diamonds are perfect electrical insulators, while some simulants like Moissanite exhibit slight conductivity.


Limitations arise because thermal testers depend on minor conductivity variations to judge between lookalike stones. Tester accuracy also depends on perfect probe contact on a flat diamond facet. Minor user errors can skew results.

Moissanite and Diamond Similarities

In appearance, Moissanite competes incredibly closely with diamonds. Both stones exhibit unmatched brilliance and fire, whether set in solitaires, halo rings, or eternity bands.


Regarding comparing their innate hardness, moissanite rates 9.25 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale – squarely in the diamond territory at the uppermost extreme of the measurement scale. This extreme durability suits both stones beautifully for enduring daily wear without damage.


Moissanite was initially discovered in a meteor crater by French scientist Henri Moissan (hence its name). While infinitesimally rare, artificial Moissanite achieves very high thermal conductivity, closely rivaling diamonds due to its similar heat transfer capacity across its dense crystalline silicon carbide structure.

Advanced Testing Methods

Today’s electrical conductivity diamond testers are designed with higher sensitivity to detect the faint electrical current that Moissanite conducts, which diamonds do not. This superior accuracy sets them apart.


Under magnification, trained gemologists can also identify distinguishing optical phenomena. While diamonds exhibit single refraction, Moissanite displays double refraction and no longer appears sharp. This visual telltale sign separates the diamond and its lookalike under scrutiny.


Where singular thermal or electrical testing methods may miss subtle sample variations, multi-testers combine best-of-breed technologies into one unit. They assess thermal and electrical traits plus other advanced spectral signatures. By amalgamating results from this battery of tests, accuracy could be better in pinpointing Moissanite despite the striking diamond resemblance.

Choosing Between Diamond and Moissanite

Savvy shoppers praise Moissanite’s value proposition. The savings are significant at about 10% of the price tag for an equivalent diamond piece while retaining gorgeous styling. As manmade gems, moissanites appeal from an eco-friendly, conflict-free sourcing perspective.


For many wearers, traditional diamond rings speak to timeless sentimentality and treasured heirloom status. Others may favor Moissanite’s captivating rainbow bursts within a crisp white stone. These unique optical characteristics come down to individual preferences.


Beyond facts on paper, the eyes gazing upon that ring or tennis bracelet make the final call. Pairing the owner’s smile with their jewelry taste makes either diamond or Moissanite the perfect choice.


Standard diamond testers rely on thermal traits like heat capacity. Moissanite’s similarities can outwit simpler detectors. Advanced electrical, visual, and multi-mode technologies uncover Moissanite’s subtle differences from diamonds for conclusive identification. Moissanite makes an eco-friendly, visually stunning diamond alternative at a very wallet-friendly price point.


For enduring sparkle, it’s a fantastic option! Ultimately, personal preference pairs with a budget to determine if diamond or moissanite strikes that perfect balance.

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