How to Wear an Eternity Ring?—Complete Guide

How to Wear an Eternity Ring?

Common Way of Wearing

Wear on the ring finger of the left hand. For a long time, this wearing method has been used for wedding rings and engagement rings. People will wear the eternity ring above the engagement ring and below the wedding ring to enhance the overall symbolic meaning.


Some people like to stack eternity rings with engagement and wedding rings. This creativity creates a luxurious look. The order of precaution is generally to place the wedding ring closest to the base of the finger, then the engagement ring, and then the eternity ring.

Stacking is also the most popular matching trend this year. No matter what age group, people seem to be more and more interested in taking out their rings to match their fingers, and various different ways of composition have been derived.

Wear it on a Different Hand

If your left hand is already crowded with rings, or you prefer a more balanced look, you can wear your eternity ring on the ring finger of your right hand.

Wear Alone

Wear an eternity ring, especially a larger, more ornate ring, on its own, which can be on either hand.

Mix and Match

Eternity rings come in various styles and metal types. As long as you are pursuing a gorgeous appearance and beauty, you can mix and match them according to your own preferences.

Introduction to Eternity Rings

The appearance of continuous identically cut gemstones is the iconic design of an eternity ring, symbolizing never-ending love, so it is very common to see it paired with wedding rings at weddings. This concept has been passed down for centuries. The circular shape of the hoop represents infinity. Initially, these rings were only given on important anniversaries, but now, they are also seen as symbols of personal milestones.

How to Wear Eternity Rings and Other Jewelry

1. Wear with bracelets and bracelets
Choose a bracelet or bangle that complements the style of the eternity ring to ensure a unified appearance. The color and metallic luster, including the color and style of the gemstones, need to be uniform. For cold tones, light colors should be the main focus, and for warm tones, gold and rose gold can be considered.
2. Pair with necklaces and pendants
Matching Elements: If your eternity ring features a specific stone, consider wearing a necklace or pendant with the same stone.
Metal harmony: The metal of the necklace matches the metal of the ring to unify the look.
3. Wear earrings
Coordinated design: Earrings that echo the design elements of your eternity ring (such as similar stones or metal finishes) can tie your look together. If your eternity ring is very delicate, choose simpler earrings to avoid an overwhelming look on others.
4. General tips
Consider the occasion: For formal events, a more coordinated and elegant look may be more appropriate. For a casual setting, a playful and eclectic mix may be more appropriate.

Effects of Eternity Rings on Fingers and Hand Shape

The shape and size of your hands and fingers has a huge impact on wearing jewelry, especially eternity rings. Certain ring styles are suitable for long fingers, while others, such as cocktail rings, are suitable for shorter, wider fingers.
An eternity ring can visually change the appearance of a finger and can make it appear longer, depending on the width of the finger and the size of the stone.
Comfort and ergonomics: In addition to aesthetics, comfort is the second consideration when people choose jewelry, which results in customizable jewelry that is customized to each person’s fingers and 100% appropriate eternity rings.

A Combination of Tradition and Modern Trends

The modern trend of mixed styles is the most popular. Young people combine traditional and modern elements in the choice of eternity rings to find a balance between the two eras. This style of visual explosion is a unique modern style.

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