What Is A Cocktail Ring?: A Symbol of Irreverence and Luxury

The cocktail ring is a gemstone ring with a particularly large appearance. The cocktail ring first became popular during the Prohibition period in the United States and represents a symbol of rebellion, luxury and uninhibitedness. Women often wore them at illicit cocktail parties, thus demonstrating their disdain for Prohibition laws and their pursuit of the free world. The main features of a cocktail ring are its large appearance and extra-large central colored stone, which can be of the type ruby sapphire, emerald, amethyst or opal.

This article will show you and explain the modern design concept of cocktail rings and why they are called cocktail rings.

The Essence of Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings were originally a symbol of resistance to prohibition. Young ladies showing off such large, colorful rings were expressing their resistance to prohibition. They also wanted to sit in bars, smoke and drink, and rebel against the inequality between men and women. Over the years, the meaning and design of these rings have evolved, but they still represent elegant boldness.

The Defining Characteristics of a Cocktail Ring

Big! Both in terms of appearance and detailed design, it highlights a big feature. If you find or wear a cocktail ring carefully, you will find that it almost covers the entire joint of the finger, including the central gemstone inlaid on it, which is also very beautiful. It is huge, if it is a diamond, it will be about 10 carats, so its cost is also quite expensive (if precious metals and rare gemstones are used). It is an excellent eye-catching jewelry in formal occasions or parties.

Choose the Right Cocktail Ring

There are several important factors to consider for the right matching cocktail ring. Personal style, occasion, gemstone size, color, metal and the overall design of the ring. Those who are enthusiastic, open and like new things can try a cocktail ring, while those who are introverted and classical are not recommended. Finger width and length are also an important factor in determining whether a cocktail ring is suitable for wearing. A cocktail ring is more suitable for hands that are not very slender, because its size is large enough, and hands that are too long will take away its effect. Moreover, cocktail rings are larger and heavier, and wearing them on fingers that are too thin will cause excessive pressure and cause discomfort.

Cocktail Rings and Fashion Trends

Retro: The old-school cocktail ring is still the current trend, because the fixed style and surrounding decoration allow others to quickly identify it as a cocktail ring, and it is also a quick tool to let others know about yourself.
Modern: Modern cocktail rings get rid of the previous texture and surrounding decorative designs, but still maintain the design of the large central stone, which is more three-dimensional and modern.

Famous Cocktail Rings and Their Stories

Elizabeth Taylor’s Emerald Cocktail Ring:
This Bulgari ring was presented by Richard Burton and features a stunning emerald surrounded by diamonds. The price is unpredictable and Taylor often wears it when attending events.
Wallis Simpson’s Black Panther Ring:
The Duchess of Windsor’s leopard print ring, designed by Cartier, is an iconic piece in jewelry history. The ring features a panther set with onyx and diamonds set on a large sapphire.
Jacqueline Kennedy’s Van Cleef & Arpels ring:
Jacqueline Kennedy’s engagement ring was a unique two-stone cocktail ring featuring emeralds and diamonds.
Princess Diana’s Sapphire Cocktail Ring:
Probably the most famous cocktail ring, this ring features a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by high-clarity diamonds. Originally chosen by Princess Diana for her engagement, it reappeared in the public eye when Prince William gave it to Kate Middleton for her engagement, allowing people to connect it to a new generation of royal history.
Gloria Swanson’s Sunset Strip Ring:
In the movie “Sunset Boulevard,” Swanson plays a faded silent film star who wears a giant cocktail ring that becomes a symbol of her character’s past glory and current eccentricity. This is a very classic prop in the old Hollywood narrative of decline.

How to Wear a Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are statement pieces, so it’s best to keep other jewelry to a minimum. Avoid wearing large ornate bracelets and watches with cocktail rings to prevent the look from being too cluttered. If the ring is set with colored gemstones and is for a formal occasion, it will pair perfectly with a dark satin dress. If you are at home or more casual, you can pair it with a white T-shirt and light-colored jeans.

Since a cocktail ring will draw attention to your hands, try a contrasting nail polish or manicure.

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